The Best 7 Cities for Gay Men

best cities for gay menThere are many cities out there that are great for gay men, but I am here to talk about the top seven in the US. Many of you will be surprised that there are many cities in the US that are LGBT friendly. Fortunately there about 25 or more cities that are friendly to the LGBT community. Also, the cities I am going to talk about have plenty to do and see in them. I am going to start with Jersey City, New Jersey and end with Cincinnati, Ohio.

Between these cities is hundreds of miles but there are a lot of similarities between them. I will talk a little bit about the HRC’s municipal equality index with most of the cities I am going to talk about. This index looks at how inclusive each city is to the LGBT community. It looks at a total of 506 cities across the United States and measures how they are integrating the LGBT community into the city. This examination is based on 44 points that are looked at.

Jersey City, New Jersey

Is a great city to live in if you’re not gay, but is it still a great place to live even if you are gay? This is ranked number one in the list of cities to be in if you’re gay. There are plenty of showings of moonlight.

There are B&B hosts opening their homes to you. The city offers transgendered employees expanded health care benefits. It scored a perfect hundred on the HRC’s municipal equality index. Plus the city hosts its own pride festival.

Orlando, Florida

This city is ranked number two on the list of cities to be in if you’re gay. The city is full of dreamers. It hosts a plethora of young LGBT dancers, performers, and singers. There are plenty of place to meet and drink like Stonewell Bar and Hank’s Bar.

There is an LGBT center. There is a festival call Gay Days. This year Gay Days was on May 29, while next year it will august 13 thru the 29th. The Wyndham hotel will be a host hotel for the event and is offering complimentary to all of Gay Days reservations.

St. Petersburg, Florida

This city was ranked third in the list of cities to be if you’re a gay man. There are restaurants like Punky’s Bar and Grill and the Queens Head. Punky’s Bar and Grill also happens to be a new Watering hole in St. Petersburg.

There nine hundred events that are offered to ten million people. No matter where you go in this city there will always be something to do. You could go to Flamingo Resort and Entertainment Center. There is a pride week in St. Petersburg that is help in the heart of downtown and Vinoy Park each year.

Buffalo, New York

This city is ranked fourth on the list of cities to be in if you’re a gay man. It has the underground nightclub and cathrode ray bar. Both of which have great reviews on yelp. Scored a ninety-five on the HRC’s municipal equality index; has a gay bingo center as well as queer poetry slams for teens.

This poetry slam is to help prevent the suicides that happen with one in every three teenagers. More than 1/3 children that homeless in this city are a part of the LGBT community. The revenue from the event goes to help those children out of their difficult positions.

New Orleans, Louisiana

This city has long had a soft spot for its queer icons like Anne, Christopher Rice, and Tennessee Williams. It is home to legendary southern Decadence celebration.

Scored an 89 on the HRC’s municipal equality index; its French quarter is one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city. No matter what you do you can’t go wrong with this city. You will have plenty to do and look at in this city.

Atlanta, Georgia

This city has its own Trans pride festival. My sister’s room is an operating lesbian bar. There is a gay rugby team. There is an LGBT center. It has plenty of showings of the movie Moonlight.

The city has hosted the band Pwr Bttm. Also it makes a concerted effort to assist the struggling LGBT youth and/or the homeless.

Cincinnati, Ohio

This scored well on the HRC’s municipal equality index. The city has a few gay bowling teams. Have lavender scare-themed performances at the Cincinnati opera house. The city is protected by the anti-discrimination ordinance.