Should Gay Men Have Kids?

gay parent and their kidThe past few years have seen a sharp rise in the number of men who are forming their own families through artificial insemination, foster care or adoption. According to research, there are up to fourteen million children in Australia living with gay parents. Even so, many people still ask themselves, should gay men have kids?

The process is not smooth-sailing. Parental rights for gay couples are determined by state laws whereby heterosexual parents do not have to contend with this challenge. Even so, many gay couples have weathered through the storms and built the kind of families that they have always dreamt of. Here are the most important reasons why gay men should have kids:

Kids will enjoy unique parenting concepts

There is ample evidence that suggests gay couples may have better parenting concepts than heterosexual couples. In fact, they have been proven to be more motivated and committed to the process in comparison to a majority of straight couples who may have stumbled into parenthood by accident. In the long run, gay parents give their children a secure and emotionally stable home because they had the sole aim of creating a family. Needless to say, gay parents work extra hard to give their children an emotionally secure home, preparing them for the challenges that they may face in life.

Many kids need families

Gay couples tend to adopt children who come from orphanages, foster homes or unhappy heterosexual homes. When gay men have kids, they are able to provide for those who need homes and loving families. Currently, there are 65,000 Australian children who have found good homes thanks to the approval of the gay adoption legislation. It goes without saying that adoptive parents are much better than the foster care system. They ensure that their children do not lack love or basic needs.

Gay parenting breaks down prejudices

Today’s societies embrace strong diversities. Many children who are raised by gay couples have a different outlook on life and grow up to be highly tolerant and open-minded individuals who do not discriminate against others. This puts the world on the right side of history.

These children are always sympathetic and are more likely to believe in equality for all. They are more accepting of different lifestyles in comparison to children who are raised in opposite-sex households. When gay men have kids, they tend to think more outside the societal box.

Best Parenting Tips For Gay Parents

Being a parent is difficult- period! There is no guideline or manual to follow. For gay parents, the risk of raising a child can truly be difficult. But the process does not have to be too daunting. If you are already a gay parent or are looking to become one in the near future, here are the best parenting tips to follow:

Teach them

Children can only learn love and tolerance when they see their parents treating others in the same way. Ensure that you teach your children about diversity, kindness, and respect. Also, ensure your attitude conveys the message that you are trying to pass across.

Teach others

Many people are unaware of the derogatory comments against gay parents. As a parent, it is important to encourage your child’s school or the places that they frequent to support your family and others by talking openly about the topic. Suggestive educational materials can also be helpful.

Respect their feelings

All children have a right to express their feelings, even if you disagree. There are many children from gay families who view themselves differently from others. Some may even not want their peers to find out. It is advisable to encourage your children to express exactly how they feel.

Meet all their needs

Apart from providing their basic needs, children of gay parents need to be loved, accepted, be supported and encouraged. It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure all your child’s needs are met.

There you go, every reason that gay men should have children and the best ways to parent! Even while society may still struggle to accept same-sex parents, do not let this hinder you from moving forward and staring a successful family. Whether gay or straight, having kids and raising a family is truly worth it for all couples.