How to Introduce Your Gay Partner to Your Family

gay partnerFinding someone that you connect with on a deeper, emotional level is the best feeling in the world. With everyone choosing to take different paths in life, the amazing thing is the ability to come across a single person who can make you develop affectionate feelings. Once you have established a relationship, it is only normal to want your significant other to meet loved ones. But you face one big challenge- your partner is of the same sex! Needless to say, this can be a terrifying experience. But the good news is, you no longer have to hold this special moment off. Here is how to introduce your gay partner to your family.

Give your partner the scoop

Ensure that your partner is fully ready to meet your family. You can make him more comfortable any talking to him about the impending experience and what to expect. You may let him know how much your mom loves complements to her cooking or the kind of jokes that would win your dad’s confidence. Do not forget to tell him about the subjects that should be avoided. This will not only make your partner more prepared but also let him feel right at home.

Prepare your family

It is important to have a conversation with your family before the actual introduction. Ensure that they realize exactly how important the first meeting is. Allow them to ask questions and be prepared to answer as honestly as you can. You may have to be patient about listening to any concerns that they may have. However, only do this when your family is fully aware of your sexuality. Do not introduce your partner when your family is in the dark about your sexual preferences. This may come as a great shock to them. First, let them be accepting of who you are and give them enough time to accept the idea of bringing your partner home.

Choose the right setting

Choosing the right meeting place is the best way on how to introduce your gay partner to your family. A casual setting or an outdoor area will enable everyone to sit down and enjoy a meal together without any pressure. Remember, first meetings do not have to be necessarily long. Therefore, it is best to avoid stuffy restaurants or full-day activities. Always keep it simple and casual.

Avoid controversy

A first time meeting between your gay partner and family is not the time to discuss deep-rooted beliefs on religion, politics or sexuality. Always stick to standard conversations and small talk about the weather or heavy traffic in the city. While this may be boring, it is the safest route to take.

Respect the boundaries

It is highly important to respect your family's boundaries. For the initial meeting, keep things the same way you would if you were bringing home a member of the opposite sex. Do not carelessly touch or make out in front of your parents as this can be considered disrespectful. If anything, your family only wants to see that you are happy and ready to take on life with someone new.

Check in afterward

Have conversations with your partner after the first-time meeting. Let them know how much you appreciated the important step that both of you took. If anything unsavory happened, be sure to apologize to your partner and be firm with your family. Make it clear that your partner will always be part of your life.

When you take the extra time to fully prepare both parties for an introduction, the process will be a lot more comfortable or easier for everyone. Ensure that your family knows how happy you as this will equally make them happy for you as well as supportive, even if it takes them time to get there. If all else fails, remember that you have each other.

Take time to nurture each other after the meeting especially if it did not go as expected. Celebrate the meeting no matter the outcome. An introduction can be worrying but do not panic if it does not go as smoothly as you want. There may be a few bumps in the road but in the end, it will be well worth it.