Review is a pioneer gay dating site that has been able to garner one of the largest fan bases as it comprises of six million members. While other gay dating sites may be solely focused on long-term relationships, this one is all about hookups and casual flings as well as friendship. Owned and appeared by CPC Connect Ltd, this site has established a name for itself in the gay dating niche. It does not matter if you are looking for a one-night stand or go for a couple of dates- is the best choice!

Getting Started

When you first sign up to in Australia, you will automatically be directed to the English version of a site seeing that the site has been translated into many other languages. Even before signing up, a meter will show you how many people are online at a particular time as well as the singles that are in your specific area. As a member, you can choose whether you are “boyfriend hunting”, “looking for a date”, “hook-up” or simply “chatting”.

Site Features

In the spirit of maintaining a lively gay community, comes with the most unique features. These include:

  • Free membership
  • Millions of member profiles to browse through
  • Profile with photos
  • Ability to view members who are online
  • Profile additions to freely track members who have visited your profile
  • Color-coded photos where red dots represent adult content, blue means free of adult content and yellow indicates nudity
  • The area list feature that showcases the number of gay men in your location both in real time and offline
  • A travel plan section that allows people to easily update your whereabouts, arrange special dates or set up vacation plans
  • Cupid search which enables users to specify their search or date preferences. your people matches are also automatically sent to your inbox
  • Match and meet features when members looking for attractive guys can rate the profile photos of other users as well as match them instantly
  • A dedicated radio programming telecast in Australia. Members can listen to the program by entering their Australia-based code
  • Mobile app for both iOS and Android user
  • Upgrade vouchers with a discount promise that is offered to existing members for the purpose of enjoying extra benefits

Membership Prices

Apart from the free membership, the site also offers paid subscriptions that will enable you to access many more features. For the upgraded membership, members are required to pay £13.97 for one month recurring and £24.49 for 3 months recurring. However, the membership fee for 3-months and 12-months single is £31.13 and £59.0f respectively also offers mobile membership subscription at a rate of £22.10 for a single month, £47.56 for 3-months, £90.28 for 6-months and £16.14 for 12 months.


  • A well-established dating site that caters to gay men with different preferences
  • Free sign-up for members who do not want to commit to a subscription plan
  • Good customer service in case you encounter any challenges on the site
  • An abundance of excellent features that are not found on other similar gay dating sites
  • A large user base that makes it quite easy to interact with other singles
  • Affordable membership rates
  • The platform has a 24-hour technical support team
  • Immediate response to emails and questions
  • Ease of use
  • Easy registration process
  • Power search and a distance search on upgraded membership


  • is associated with sexually explicit content and this may be quite uncomfortable for members who are reserved. There are also nude photos on the dating site.
  • The site is not recommended for gay singles who are looking for very serious relationships.

Bottom Line will introduce you to one of the largest online gay communities. It boasts of a large number of men who are out to seek fun and excitement. It has been rated among the best site for a very long time. Finding your mate is easy as can be. However, if you are thinking of marriage or exclusivity, this is not the best platform for you. The bold and sexy men here are not looking for a long-term commitment. They are only out to interact, know each other on a basic level and maintain casual relationships- no strings attached.

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