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Should Gay Men Have Kids?

gay parent and their kidThe past few years have seen a sharp rise in the number of men who are forming their own families through artificial insemination, foster care or adoption. According to research, there are up to fourteen million children in Australia living with gay parents. Even so, many people still ask themselves, should gay men have kids? [Continue to read...]

How to Introduce Your Gay Partner to Your Family

gay partnerFinding someone that you connect with on a deeper, emotional level is the best feeling in the world. With everyone choosing to take different paths in life, the amazing thing is the ability to come across a single person who can make you develop affectionate feelings. Once you have established a relationship, it is only normal to want your significant other to meet loved ones. [Continue to read...]

The Best 7 Cities for Gay Men

best cities for gay menThere are many cities out there that are great for gay men, but I am here to talk about the top seven in the US. Many of you will be surprised that there are many cities in the US that are LGBT friendly. Fortunately there about 25 or more cities that are friendly to the LGBT community. Also, the cities I am going to talk about have plenty to do and see in them. I am going to start with Jersey City, New Jersey and end with Cincinnati, Ohio. [Continue to read...]

How to Succeed in Gay Dating Relationships

How to Succeed in Gay Dating RelationshipsThere are several ways you can make your gay relationship successful in Australia. First, you need to study the character of your boyfriend before you embark on a serious relationship. Just like any other relationship, gay relationships come with roles which each partner should play. If the character of the person you are about to date is not what you expect, it is better not to start the relationship at the first place. [Continue to read...]

How to Meet Gay Men in Australia

How to Meet Gay Men in AustraliaThere are several ways you can utilize to meet gay men in Australia. First, you need to carry rot research and locate the best gay dating sites where you can sign up and interact with the gay men. Some of the factors you need to check out before you sign up in a given gay dating site include the reviews which other people offer. There are some sites which are known to offer the best gay dating experience. [Continue to read...]